New Student Convocation is the university’s official welcome for new first-year and transfer students, and is scheduled to take place in the Rutgers Athletics Center the afternoon of Friday, August 27. It will be both a spirited and a solemn program beginning with education on many of Rutgers’ traditions and performances by a wide variety of student groups. During the formal program, students will hear remarks from the President and the Student Body President, and become official Scarlet Knights. Following Convocation, students will enjoy Scarlet Carnivale, an outdoor carnival-inspired event where they can win prizes, play boardwalk games, compete in laser tag, eat dinner, and so much more.

Convocation and Scarlet Carnivale are for first-year students and new transfer students ONLY.



  • 2:30PM-4:00PM  Student arrival at the RAC
  • 4:00PM-4:45PM  Convocation: Through the Gates at the RAC
  • 5:00PM-9:00PM  Scarlet Carnivale and Dinner on Henry’s Field located between the RAC and the Livingston Student Center


Before You Leave Your Hall Or Home

  • Students are encouraged to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt since the event lasts until 9PM


Entering The RAC And Convocation

  • Students will sit with their residence hall or with their commuter reception group
  • Staff members in red Convocation t-shirts will provide seating assistance
  • Bottled water will be provided at the RAC; restrooms are located in the RAC lobby
  • Immediately following Convocation students will exit the RAC for Scarlet Carnivale
  • As per university policy, masks are required within university buildings. Please refer to for the university’s community safety practices.


 Eating Dinner At Carnivale

  • Dinner is provided for all first year and transfer students who attend Convocation
  • Students with meal plans will have one meal swipe manually deducted from their plan
  • Students requiring a meal accommodation will be served from tables with a red cloth

Students that are attending Shabbat Dinner at Hillel will be able to take a bus to the College Ave Student Center from Lot 101.

 Busses Back To Other Campuses Following Scarlet Carnivale

  • Students will get back on buses to return to their respective campuses
    • Busch and College Ave: Lot 101
    • Cook and Douglass: Front of the Livingston Student Center
    • Busses back to other campuses will begin running at 6:00pm and will run until 10:30pm



  • Formal Convocation will still occur at the RAC
  • Students will be bussed back to their respective campuses immediately following Convocation
    • Cook and Douglass: From Hospital Road
    • Busch and College Ave: From Green Lot
  • All Dining Halls will be open and students should eat on the campus where they live
  • Carnivale activities will be relocated to Busch Student Center, Cook Student Center, Livingston Student Center, and College Ave Student Center